Working on Maquette full time now

Maquette - Hanford Lemoore

Good news everyone! I'm currently working on Maquette full time now.   I hope to update this area periodically with something of interest regarding the game. My goal is weekly, so I imagine that will work out to once a month. 

Unity: Make the asset picker more powerful

One I've been thinking of is the popup that shows you a visual representation of game things:

I don't know what it's called, but I call it the Asset Picker. This thing is so crazy powerful, and so under-utilized in Unity.  I have a couple ideas for this thing to make it more useful. Continued

Press coverage for Maquette

I showed off Maquette at Game Developers Conference, and the feedback was phenominal! Thanks to everyone who took the time to check it out. There's a LOT of cool shit at GDC and I'm really honored to hear how the game resonated with people. 


Here's some of the press it's been getting: 


Kotaku: A Key Is A Bridge In This Magical Game The Experimental Gameplay Sessions Highlights Could Maquette be the next Portal?

North Woods Inn paper wallet

north woods inn paper wallet 2 By Hanford Lemoore

(click photo for larger)

For GDC 2011 I made a new paper wallet. It's not my best craftsmanship, but it will do. The wallet is cardstock, and I experimented with a new kind of glue. The experiment was pretty much a failure.

On the outside are postcards from Clearman's North Woods Inn, a Klondike-themed resturant in Southern California. This is the second wallet I've made with the North Woods Inn theme. 

Maquette at GDC

Part of the Experimental Gameplay Workshop sessions


Good news! Maquette was chosen for inclusion in this year's Expermental Gameplay Workshop session at  Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, CA. 

Being asked to present in the Experimental Gameplay sessions is a really big deal to me. Not only is it pretty competitive, but many EGW games have gone on to great success, including Katamari Damacy, flOw, Braid, Portal, World of Goo, and Today I Die, among others.

Every year at GDC I attend EGW to see what is truly some of the greatest game ideas I've ever seen. The session has long been a big inspiration to me, and I'm excited and honored to have my game featured in this year's session.

See the game demoed and development explained:

Thursday March 3rd, @ 1:30 in Room 303, South Hall

Idea: USB drive with physical eject button

The idea is that it has a small button on it that sends the Eject request to the OS. 

Sony's amazing customer support

 A quick story about some amazing customer service from Sony:

Maquette Website


 The official website for the Maquette video game is now located at

Clever, I know.

The reason I started eating cereal again

yum - Photo by Hanford Lemoore


My WED cereal bowl.

My Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast, 2010

Here's my Thanksgiving dinner: A traditional Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast of popcorn, jelly beans, pretzels, and a friggin' huge stack of toast. And yes, I did attempt to shuffle it like Snoopy did, after I took the photo. It didn't work.

Hanford Lemoore's Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

click for larger version


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! (Yelled in unison by the Peanuts gang)


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